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DEAR VALUED CUSTOMERS: The 'Get an Estimate' page on this site is currently not functioning, so instead please email me (Darren) directly:, Subject: 'Moss Man Estimate Request'. Also, please call us at 778-352-3315 (250-881-5515 is currently being unused). Please Note: We do not work on super-steep, cedar or metal roofs. We look forward to serving you!

Why De-Moss My Roof?

Moss on Shingles 1.  TO SAVE MONEY!!!

Moss left to grow on your roof will shorten it's life span typically by 10 years or more. This is because moss acts as a sponge, keeping your roof wet. And a roof that stays wet deteriorates faster than a dry roof.   Moss can also lift shingle edges causing leaks.

So, plain and simple, get the moss off your roof, or needlessly waste your money on early re-roofing!No more Moss


A mossy roof lowers the value of your home. It looks unsightly, and suggests an overall lack of maintenance. The value of your home rises with a roof that looks moss-free, clean and new. This could be especially important if you are planning to sell you home.

Why is The Moss Man my Best Choice for Roof De-Mossing?

Since 1996, The Moss Man Home Maintenance Co. has been passionate about chemical-free roof de-mossing. We have inspected and de-mossed tens of thousands of roofs of all kinds, throughout Greater Victoria, from Sooke to Sidney. And we have learned that chemical approaches to roof demossing are a complete waste of time and money. Prior to finding us, many of our customers report they went through a lot of hassle and money going the "chemical route"...Moss on the Roof but were left completely unsatisfied with the results: their roof still looked mossy; the damaging properties of the moss still existed on their roofs; and they wondered: "What exactly did I get for my hard-earned money?" What a shame, when we could have de-mossed their roofs correctly for them, saving them a lot of hassle and money... not to mention our environment! Fortunately though, like you, they found us! Now, as we have done for thousands of our valued custumers already, we can clean up the mess on your roof... and de-moss it right! Remember this: chemicals may or may not kill roof moss, but chemicals simply won't remove the moss. Something must always be done to remove it. Any moss on your roof, dead or alive, acts as a water absorbant sponge, which keeps your roof wet, and deteriorates it more quickly than if dry.

At The Moss Man Home Maintenance Co., we are experts in careful, manual, chemical-free roof demossing-- never any pressure-washing, steam, or other such gimmicks. Just some serious, skilled work. This means we specialize in the careful use of various hand tools to meticulously clear your roof of moss, shingle by shingle, careful to target only the moss, leaving roofing materials in tact. After The Moss Man's roof de-mossing service, your roof will look new or No more Mossnear new again, and will last years longer than currently expected because you got it done right by The Moss Man. (You can expect a roof we clear of moss and debris every five to ten years to gain at least ten years of functional life.) And, whew! no nasty or needless chemicals to contend with either for residents, guests, neighbours, pets, gardens, nor the environment! (See The 2008 Times-Colonist report in our 'ARTICLES' page regarding roof de-mossing chemicals that killed fish in the Cowichan River according to DFO: "zinc sulphate is known to be lethal...")

On top of that, The Moss Man Home Maintenance Co. provides great customer service and guarantees every job done to your 100% satisfaction. You can expect excellence from us!

Thousands of customers have benefited from our service since 1996. Now you can too!

Click HERE to view lots of our roof de-mossing photos!

Our Additional Building Maintenance Services:

Since 1996, throughout Greater Victoria, from Sooke to Sidney, The Moss Man Home Maintenance Co. has also saved their valued customers time and effort by regularly performing countless of the following professional building maintenance services:

  • Gutter Cleaning & Repair
  • Exterior Window Washing (Aluminum & Vinyl-Frame only)

Click HERE to read our Customer Testimonials!

Darren Nast - Owner -  Moss Man So, whether you want to save money by hiring us to beautify and significantly prolong the life of your roof, or simply save time and effort by hiring us to perform another of our professional building maintenance services, just

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We truly look forward to meeting you... and helping you save time, effort and money!

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